Make a plan happen. Lock it in.

The instant messenger with one goal: Real Life Get Togethers

How does it work?

When you organize using LockIn good things happen
Why choose Us?

Make a Plan.

Pick a time or give a choice of times. Notify whoever you like, whether they have the app or not.

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Christian GOING

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Miki Going


Get Numbers.

Instant notifications in a group chat for attendees.

Why choose Us?


Reminders before an event and automatic location sharing means you always know who is running late.

Make something happen quickly

Whether it's a casual catchup with a friend or a full on event, LockIn has the tools to make it simple to organize.

  • Fast, free, reliable group chat
  • Maps with Directions
  • Meeting Points
  • Live Location Sharing
  • Event Photo Sharing
  • Invite anyone with an email address
  • Stickers and Animated Gif support
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Dinner Tomorrow Night?

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Christian GOING

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Miki Going

Get reliable numbers

Create an event with a fixed time or suggest multiple options. Get instant feedback from your friends when they RSVP.

Same event occur on a weekly or monthly basis? LockIn allows you to reuse any event meaning rescheduling takes seconds. Perfect for sports teams or band mates.

Make plans stick

When you lock in an event, everyone gets the details. All the important information is available at a glance, complete with times and directions.

As a guest, confirm attendance then relax, as automatic reminders and saving to your calendar means plans are never forgotten.

Event Information Screen
Location sharing map

Automatic Location Sharing

Who is running late? Who is on time? Questions you no longer have to ask thanks to LockIn's automatic location sharing. If enabled, an hour before the event all attending guests will automatically share their location. Location updates can only be seen by other attending guests and automatically stop an hour after starting, saving battery life.

Features Overview

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Web Access

Login from anywhere with just your email address

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Camera & Photo Uploads

Share photos anywhere anytime.

Cloud Storage

All your data stored safe, accessible anytime.

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Advanced Location Sharing

Share your location for a specific time duration. Saving your battery and privacy.

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Invite via Email

Anyone can reply, whether they have the app or not.

Powerful Performance

Customizable Notifications

Opt-out of any conversation notifications.

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Meeting Point

Add a separate meeting point to any conversation.

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Google Maps powered location search and directions

Powerful Performance


Use any image or animated Gif to convey emotion.